Helvetica vs. Arial
30 July 2008, 11:25 am
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Time for a post on the age-old battle between Helvetica and Arial! As you may know, Arial is a rip-off typeface developed by Microsoft that is based very closely on Helvetica. Sadly, Arial has become the standard desktop typeface. Designers who wish to champion Helvetica will enjoy these items. The first is a role-play game in which you are the Helvetica letter and are trying to crush the Arial letter. Hours of fun! Here is the link: Helvetica vs. Arial, and I’ve also included a screen shot. The second set of images are information graphics from the article “How to Spot Arial” by Mark Simonson Studio. They show the key characteristics that distinguish Helvetica from Arial. When you are done with this, you might want to take this quiz to test your knowledge. The third set of images are stills from the movie Helvetica, which we also posted about in December 2007.


Drawing with Light
28 July 2008, 9:06 am
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Check out this really cool alphabet I found on the blog, Balla Dora Typo-Grafika. I love the idea of using light as a material and how it compliments the angular qualities of these letters, though I’m not exactly sure how these letterforms were created. (perhaps I will post a comment on that blog to find out) My first instinct would be to say they are timed exposures. In other words, the shutter of the camera was left open as the letter was “drawn” with the flashlight. I have done this before, but I don’t think that is the case here, since the hands are completely in focus in all of the photographs. Any ideas? 

Campaign Finance

Have you wondered how Obama actually got all of the money to finance his campaign? I know that I didn’t know the full story, so I was very excited when I found this fun, informational poster created by X-Plane. In a nutshell, the poster explains how Obama has raised a lot of his money through online social networks. X-plane has done an amazing job combining hand-drawn type, cartoons, graphs and charts to create something that is dynamic and unique, yet informational at the same time. Take note of the stylistic differences between this poster and the maps created by History Shots, which were posted earlier. The maps by History Shots are more formal and elegant, while this doesn’t seem to take itself as seriously. Nonetheless, both are equally powerful.

14 July 2008, 12:26 pm
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These heavily redacted CIA documents were posted by the ACLU. The director of the CIA recently admitted that they have used water-boarding on detainees, and these documents are testament to that. It is creepy and disturbing to think what information is hidden beneath the black. In any case, the graphic effect of the black is powerful and could be a nice device to use in some sort of political poster. I know we probably will!

Nature is the Best Designer
10 July 2008, 4:24 pm
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Check out these photos of banded icebergs that have formed over thousands of years. Some of the stripes were created by layers of the iceberg melting and refreezing, while others were formed from the dust and soil picked up from the original ice sheet when it was sliding down the Antarctic hillside. It’s amazing how these two processes can form such distinctive patterns. These photographs were taken by Norwegian sailor, Oyvind Tangen.

I was walking in the park one day…
7 July 2008, 12:15 pm
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It was a beautiful day in Madison Square Park, so I decided to take a stroll and photograph what I saw. Check out the modernist painted sculptures and flowers; they definitely enhance the experience of taking that midday break to hang out or eat.

Everyone Stinks
2 July 2008, 3:19 pm
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This is a sign we saw on a door of a building. No comment necessary.