Campaign Finance

Have you wondered how Obama actually got all of the money to finance his campaign? I know that I didn’t know the full story, so I was very excited when I found this fun, informational poster created by X-Plane. In a nutshell, the poster explains how Obama has raised a lot of his money through online social networks. X-plane has done an amazing job combining hand-drawn type, cartoons, graphs and charts to create something that is dynamic and unique, yet informational at the same time. Take note of the stylistic differences between this poster and the maps created by History Shots, which were posted earlier. The maps by History Shots are more formal and elegant, while this doesn’t seem to take itself as seriously. Nonetheless, both are equally powerful.


Info is Beautiful
27 June 2008, 2:29 pm
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Here’s a firm that creates informational posters with style! Each of the info-graphics is a tour de force of mapping the history of a particular subject. From a design standpoint, it’s interesting to think about the power of informational imagery, and how it can replace large chunks of text that are often boring and hard to get through. Instead, posters like this force learning to happen faster because viewers read less and look more, which allows them to make sense of big ideas more easily. This is information design at its best. Bravo to History Shots!